Truck Drivers During Christmas Stay Safe

The holiday season is a time for joy, celebration, and new beginnings. Unfortunately, thousands of American truck drivers will be on the road this holiday season without family or loved ones present. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to embrace the festive spirit. Below, we have compiled a list of ways to celebrate the holidays on the road as a truck driver. We hope this article inspires you to take happiness, gratitude, and safety into your own hands this December. 

Video Call With Family

Staying connected during the holidays can be difficult while driving on the road. Video calls are ideal for maintaining strong family bonds through visual communication. With many video call options, including Google Meet, Facetime, and WhatsApp, you can easily connect with multiple family members at once. Whether it’s catching up with a spouse, child, sibling, or any other loved one, video calls bridge the physical gap you might feel with trucking on the road over the holidays. 

Put Christmas Lights On Your Truck

You might not be able to decorate your home this holiday season due to long hours on the road but don’t miss the opportunity to add a festive touch to your truck. Adorning your truck with Christmas lights provides a magical glow for yourself and other passengers on the road. You’ll be sure to get honks and smiles from other truck drivers. You can also attach wreaths, bows, or ornaments to your grill for a memorable holiday touch. 

Listen To Holiday Radio

Long hours on the road can get lonely and depressing, especially when missing family and friends over the holidays. Lift your spirits by listening to holiday songs and Christmas-themed songs. Some of our favorite songs include Santa Baby, All I Want For Christmas Is You, and White Christmas. What are some of your favorite holiday songs? Several radio stations with fantastic holiday radio stations include Pandora, iHeart Radio, and Spotify. 

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Find Holiday Meals At Local Restaurants On The Road

Long hours on the road lead to easy and cheap meals from fast food restaurants and gas stations. Sure, convenience is a luxury, but why not switch it up this holiday season and eat at a local restaurant? Search for restaurants offering enticing discounts and special holiday menus to attract customers. Not only will you support a local business by eating at their establishment, but you will immediately lift your holiday spirits. Local restaurants create a festive atmosphere with themed decorations, live music, and mouthwatering holiday food. 

Meet Up With Fellow Drivers 

You’d be mistaken to believe you are the only lonely trucker on the road this holiday season. Truck stops serve as a wonderful place to meet fellow drivers also seeking companionship over the holidays. You may also already have a network of drivers that you are in contact with while on the road. Take the time to find out where they will be this holiday season and plan to meet up while on the road. Whether swapping stories about your latest journey or sharing trucking tips and advice, your fellow drivers will be grateful you went out of your way this holiday season to see them. 

Find A Christmas Mass

Not all those celebrating the holidays are Christian, so for those of you reading this who are of a different faith, this section might not apply. Flickering candlelight and melodic carols bring a sense of unity to fellow believers in Jesus Christ. For truck drivers on long road trips and countless hours behind the wheel, finding a Christmas Mass is a beautiful way to celebrate and find joy, embracing the essence of the holiday. 

Most Importantly, Stay Safe While On The Road This Holiday Season

Lastly, make sure to prioritize your health and safety this holiday season. Drunk driving fatalities rise over New Year’s Eve, so if possible, stay off the road late at night through early morning. Remember, even though you might be alone on the road over the holidays, your family loves you and needs you back home safely. Take breaks while on the road, practice self-care and love, and reach out for support when needed. Staying safe and healthy increases the probability of having a joyous and celebratory holiday season. 


We hope you enjoyed our list of ways to celebrate the holidays on the road as a truck driver. OFS  is located in Denver, Colorado, but we provide factoring solutions to truck drivers, owners, and carriers nationwide. Contact us today for a free quote for your invoice factoring needs.