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    What is Factoring?

    Factoring is a great way to fund your business without borrowing money because it purchases your accounts receivables – not a loan against them. By converting your accounts receivable into cash, your company can stay current with vendors or even negotiate better rates with early payment options. Taking on debt to your books can be a stressful and long-term proposition. With OFS you only factor what you want, when you want with no impact on your company debt. Why stress about taking on expensive long-term debt when you get paid for work you have already done?

    Why factor with OFS?

    Outsource Financial Services is a proud family-owned and operated company in Denver, Colorado, since 2008.  We service the entire nation and exercise our family values of hard work, integrity, and an unending pursuit of greater success for ourselves and our partners in every part of our business practices.

    Call us at 800-977-7330 for a Free Quote today.

    More About Factoring with OFS

    At OFS, we are your business partner. We understand that your business needs cash flow to service your existing clients and grow and improve your business in ever-changing economic circumstances. We go above and beyond to ensure our clients have the money they expect and deserve when they need it most. Knowing you can trust your financial partner in business will help you rest easy and impress even the strictest business partners. Having ease of mind regarding your business’s financial future will allow you to focus on what matters most, yourself and your loved ones.

    OFS partners are assigned an Account Manager and a Credit/Collections Specialist.  Nothing is worse than not reaching your personal Account Manager or being put into an automated system when you need your money now. By working with us, you will always have a direct line to your Account Manager. Day or night, no problem is too big or too small. If it matters to you and your business, it matters to us, and we will give every effort to make it happen. When factoring with OFS, we understand that you did the work for your money; that is why we will never make you jump through extra hoops to get what you have already earned and deserve.

    At Outsource, the success of your business is our business. We pride ourselves on best-in-class customer service. We would not be content with anything less than the best. Why should you be?  Let us help you grow your business the right way!  Call us at 800-977-7330 for a Free Quote today.


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